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Discover the history of château de Respide

chateau respide histoire fleche
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château de respide


Since 1630, Château de Respide has embedded the mission of enhancing life through its wines; intense and timeless. This legacy inherited by generations of passionate winegrowers is priceless. That is why we are committed to pursue their know-how and to pay tribute to their inspired and sustainable vision of the vine. Rooted in the heart of Bordeaux vineyard, in the middle of unspoiled nature, our estate draws its strength from the diversity of its terroirs. This outstanding situation empower our wines with aromatic richness, typical from Graves denomination wines.

Think wine differently


Since the 1980s, woods, hedges, wagtail nesting boxes and beehives make our friends from the nature feel at home at Respide. Despite our various certifications, we continue to move towards a virtuous approach. Each grape and wines production stage is analyzed to get lowest possible impact. We dream of producing a great wine with no environmental impact and with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

HVE and "Bordeaux Cultivons Demain" certifications

Human and nature respectful certifications

Since 2017, Château de Respide has been certified High Environmental Value (HVE). The HVE certification demonstrates to our customers that a healthy and reasoned approach is carried out in our vineyard, using the smallest possible quantity of inputs. Since 2022, our estate is also certified "Bordeaux Cultivons Demain" (level 2), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) label for Bordeaux wines which puts human values and sustainable practices at the center of company project.
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Grand vin de bordeaux

Team work


At Château de Respide, teamwork comes first! Each member is important in the process. Outside of Respide walls, we spread this idea of sharing our methods with transparency. Beyond informing Respide community, our communication aims at sharing our thinking about our work and our practices.


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